Be A Witness

Our desire at Nations Church is to awaken the sleeping giant of evangelism, and remind others that The Great Commission wasn’t just given to evangelists but to disciples! Everyone has a part to play!
Evangelist Scott Mcnama Teaching at Nations Church Orlando

Scott McNamara

Scott McNamara, Nations Church Director of Evangelism, spends his days equipping the body of Christ through evangelism training using a proven method called Jesus at the Door. This resource provides a simple method to present the Gospel so that people of all ages and experiences can share Jesus with others! From the Nations of the world to the neighborhoods of Central Florida, we actively love our neighbors through weekly outreach, special events, street evangelism, and then, discipleship! Every tribe, every tongue, every nation, SHALL BE saved! 


To connect with the Outreach and Evangelism team, please email:

If you are interested in participating in our American Gospel Truck Crusades, connect with Evangelist Joe Turnbull:

Praying for someone in Downtown Orlando